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The SEC says everyone must comply with the new XBRL mandate! 

But they didn't say you had to go broke doing it!


Serving small to midsized companies is not our side business... it's our only business.  We've tailored everything we do to better serve the hardest working entrepreneurs in the world, the emerging growth companies of the OTC Bulletin Board and NASDAQ Small Cap by providing them with the most affordable XBRL solutions made just for them.  



















That's right, we're so confident you'll love your new IR web page solution we're willing to take all the risk.  Just sign up today and we'll build your corporate disclosure web page and publish it to our server for 7 days. If you like it, we'll invoice you (Auto-pay option at $50 per month is available). If you don't, we'll simply take it back down. You'll be out nothing. We're making this offer because we know you'll really like your page and you'll absolutely love the savings.


It's simple, we're fast and all you have to do is add one hyperlink to your current's that easy. Remember, the SEC says you have to comply with their XBRL mandate but they didn't say you had to go broke doing it.  320-281-7425

The XBRL Web Posting Mandate

Included in the SEC XBRL mandate, is a requirement that all EDGAR filers must store and display their XBRL files on their corporate website if they have one. Furthermore, you must post those files the same day you file them on EDGAR.  We know, for a lot of companies, this is an unwanted intrusion and distraction from focusing on building a business, especially if you don't have a team of IT technicians in house to update your website in real time for you.

In the past, many companies provided visitors to their website with a link to their filings on EDGAR but the SEC has said this isn't good enough anymore.  They have decided that it's important to make your XBRL files more search engine friendly so the SEC XBRL team decided the way to accomplish that was to have your XBRL files stored outside EDGAR as well.

The simplest and most cost effective solution to your SEC XBRL web posting mandate is to let our sister site, create your disclosure page for you and we will update it in real time with all your SEC filings. Your webpage on our site will mirror the look and feel of your corporate website and will provide visitors with full access to your corporate filings.  Here is an example: this is the IR Disclosure web page we built for one of our clients. Just like this page is exactly like this company's web site, yours will look exactly like your company's website. All you need to do is add a link on your corporate website, probably on your "investors" page to your "SEC Filings," and direct that link to your page on our website. Folks won't even know they've left your website unless they look at the URL address in their browser.

But Why Use Affordable Disclosure?

We realize there are other providers offering the same or similar solutions so why choose Affordable Disclosure to satisfy your SEC XBRL web posting mandate?  The answer is simple; because we do it for a lot less money!  For example, Edgar-Online charges $1,500 per year to companies using their solution.  By comparison, letting us host your disclosure page will save you over $1,000 per year compared to Edgar-Online.  What's more, by bundling our SEC XBRL services our clients save even more.

 Why pay $1,500 per year to be in compliance with the SEC XBRL web posting mandate when you can do it for as little as $240* per year?

Sign up online today or give us a call and start saving real money on your XBRL solutions. Remember, the SEC says you have to comply with their XBRL mandate but they didn't say you had to go broke doing it.

*When bundled with other Affordable XBRL services.  Regular price $495 per year.

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